Our Values, Our Community

Keep Bellevue Green

Bellevue is blessed to have amazing parks, deep-rooted trees, and walking trails. I am committed to protecting and growing our family friendly environment and green space.

Public Safety

As our community continues to grow, we must ensure our residents feel safe in their homes, walking or biking down the street, getting their groceries, crossing major intersections, etc. Public safety encompasses more than just crime, but it includes it. We need to make sure our residents feel safe by having more crosswalks, streetlights, cameras, sidewalks, bike lanes, and police patrolling our community. In Nashville, we are down 130 police officers because of our lack of funding for our public employees. Those are things we need to prioritize.

Quality Education for All

I am an advocate for fully funding our schools, supporting teachers, and holding school leadership accountable. We must do a better job preparing our kids for their futures. We have a unique opportunity to create a new high school in District 22, and together, we can get it right!

Transit and Growth

We need to face our transit issues with perspective to what will benefit us most in the future. We can’t remain focused on short-term gain that is a long-term loss. We must immediately act to improve traffic flow and bus routes, encourage employers and residents to use a variety of transportation options by providing additional commute methods such as bus lanes, bike lanes, sidewalks, and improved pedestrian safety.