Gloria Hausser is a mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, economic growth expert, and community leader. As a single mom who worked her way through graduate school, Gloria graduated with a B.S. from University of Tennessee and an M.B.A. from Brenau University. She knows the value of hard work, determination, and community. Having spent time in both the corporate and non-profit sector, she has found giving back to the community, connecting with her neighbors, and bringing the vision of Bellevue to life has be the most fulfilling part of her work. Gloria is a committed leader and advocate for creating a more safe, neighborly, and connected Bellevue. 

With the rate at which Nashville is growing, new challenges face Bellevue families every day. From longer commute times to decreased public services to the overdevelopment of our green spaces to budget mismanagement, Metro Council will be making serious decisions that will leave our Bellevue families behind if we do not elect a strong advocate for us. Gloria is the Director of Finance and Operations at New Level Community Development Corporation a leading organization for developing affordable housing and a path to home ownership in Nashville. We need a Council Member like Gloria Hausser who will work to find solutions to improve the quality of life for all Bellevue residents by using her knowledge and experience of balancing budgets, creating a family friendly environment, and bringing intentional growth to Nashville.

Gloria will make sure that when it comes to Metro Council decisions, Bellevue chooses Bellevue’s future.”